The property for 52 Follen Road formerly belonged to 12 Summit Road before it was sold to Aiden and Doris Ripley in 1932. Designed in an early 20th century eclectic style, the house features a fieldstone lower level, wood siding – including live edge boards and multi-light casement windows. The property still has its stone walls and terraces in place. Perhaps most unique is the ‘front door’ located at the back of the back of the house, believed to have been situated that way to provide easy access to the 12 Summit property.  Aiden Lassell Ripley (1896-1969) is considered one of the premier masters of American sporting art. He is best known for his landscape paintings of hunters and game and fly-fishing on pristine rivers. He also did several Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects including a series of historical murals for the Winchester Public Library and the Lexington Post Office.

This property has been designated by the Massachusetts Historical Commission as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and eligible to be part of a National Register District.