The architectural significant property at 22 Summit is a unique early 20th century residence inspired by English Tutor prototypes. The house was constructed of stones from the site with lesser stuccoed details and is known as “Stonesides”.  Standing next door to the south of 12 Summit is a beautiful and imposing stone house set back from the street at a slight angle. The reason for this is both elegant and romantic. The house is perfectly aligned with the North Star.  The original owner’s, Francis and Dorothy Chamberlain bought the land from Frank Pierce in 1921 to build their dream home. Francis Chamberlain was a management engineer by training and a navigator by passion hence his poetic decision to site the house as he did, in position in relation to the stars. He developed an entire system of celestial navigation and wrote a textbook on it. He additionally conducted a navigation school in Boston which included more than 100 leading yachtsmen of Boston and Marblehead among its pupils. Like Robbins and Ripley and the artists of The Mount Independence Artists’ Colony, he believed in giving back to his community. Chamberlain was a Selectman from 1928-1930 and a Town Meeting member from 1931-1937.