Located at the corner of Follen Road and Summit Road, 104 Follen Road is a single-story Mid Century Modern dwelling built in 1947. Typical of its style, the building lacks decorative detailing or embellishment. Known as The Smith House, it is an early, modest example of Contemporary domestic architecture in Lexington.  Its simple lines and lack of traditional detailing reflect the work of Walter Gropius and other architects who came to this country after World War II, dreaming of revolutionizing residential architecture.  It incorporated an interest in the latest in technology such as radiant heating, steel framing and unique design ideas. The house was constructed prior to Lexington’s well known other significant Mid Century Modern Developments. According to the owner, local architect Walter Pierce (1920-2013) who developed the Peacock Farms model with Danforth Compton in the 1950s, was fascinated by the modern house at 104 Follen Road and labeled it “one of a kind.”